Steve DeAngelo Marches in Medellín, Bogota


Steve DeAngelo, considered the father of cannabis, accompanied the crowd that gathered this weekend and defended the consumption of the herb.

The activist arrived first in Bogotá, where he participated in the 'Cannaciencia' symposium.

The event brought together scientists, academics, pharmacists and people who support the legalization of marijuana.

After chatting and publicizing his position on the issue, he traveled to the capital of Antioquia to accompany thousands of people who gathered outside the Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater on Saturday.

"I dreamed and fought for the day when the people of the flower of the whole world would rise together. Today in Medellin, I saw it happen. Here in Medellin and 499 cities around the world! "Wrote the well-known father of marijuana.

Steve toured the streets of the city, took pictures with attendees and recorded several videos that he shared through his Instagram account. In addition, he made a small intervention in the event.

"The cannabis plant brings people together and brings peace. This meeting was a pure example of how this could be possible only if the rest of the world gave this peace plant a chance.  One people. One tribe.  One plant ", published DeAngelo in his profile.